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Accurate 11 FS in stock

Accurate 11 FS in stock

Accurate 11 FS in stock ,  Accurate 11 FS powder is a double-base spherical propellant for magnum handgun loads and light rifle loads. 11 FS has a built in flash suppressant that lowers the muzzle flash signature.

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This powder has shown great performance in .300 BLK with lighter bullets and better down range performance.

 This double-base spherical propellant Accurate 11 FS powder was developed with an eye toward personal defense and incorporates a flash-suppressant that substantially reduces muzzle signature in low light conditions. 

In the .300 Blackout, Accurate 11 FS powder is capable of extremely high velocities with lighter bullets, making it the best propellant choice for shooters looking to maximize downrange performance.

Specifications and Features:

  • Spherical Powder type
  • Double Base Formula
  • Flash Suppressant
  • Made in the USA
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