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Colt Le6920CK Upper Kit 5.56: The Perfect Setup For Your Next Range Session

If you’re an avid gun owner, you know that having the right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world. Whether you’re planning on heading to your local gun range for some target practice, or you’re gearing up to go hunting with your buddy Ted, you want to be sure that your gun performs to its maximum potential. Of course, it helps to have just the right accessories and gear as well – including a good upper kit like the Colt Le6920CK 5.56 upper kit!

What you can expect?
Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or just an enthusiast, the Colt LE6920CK Upper Kit 5.56 is the perfect addition to your rifle collection. You’ll have everything you need to get out to the range and shoot with precision accuracy every time! With this kit, there’s no excuse for not hitting your target! And remember, if you want to buy this kit, all you need to do is click on the following link: COLT LE6920CK UPPER KIT 5.56

Who this kit is for?
In the market for a kit that offers up the most bang for your buck? Look no further than this Colt LE6920CK Upper Kit 5.56! This kit includes everything you need to take your AR-15 to the next level, including a 16 Chrome Lined Barrel with a 1 in 7 twist and A2 Front Sight Base with F-Marked Front Sight Post and Bayonet Lug (note that bayonet lug is installed on barrel). It also includes an A2 Flash Hider, M4 Feed Ramps, and Picatinny Rail Handguards, as well as an ambidextrous charging handle and bolt release. With all these features included in one kit, you can’t go wrong!

How easy it is to install
The Colt LE6920CK Upper Kit 5.56 rifle is perfect for beginners and experienced shooters alike, with a lightweight design that’s easy to handle and an ergonomic grip that’s perfect for shooting in any weather condition without sacrificing accuracy. This upper kit includes the barrel, flash hider, gas block, handguard, front sight post assembly and rear sight assembly all in one package-perfect for at-home installation by even novice gunsmiths who are looking to save time! Plus, this setup is compatible with a variety of different models of AR-15 lower receivers on the market today so you can easily upgrade your rifle as your skills improve over time. Buy COLT LE6920CK UPPER KIT 5.56 today from westcoastammo-arms.com

What you will need?
The Colt LE6920CK Upper Kit 5.56 is a versatile upper that is perfect for beginners or experienced shooters looking to improve their range time with an easy-to-use and accurate rifle.
This kit includes a 16 chromoly barrel, gas block and gas tube, flash hider, handguard with picatinny rails, front sight post, charging handle, bolt carrier group and charging handle.
The Colt LE6920CK Upper Kit 5.56 comes in black finish only and weighs about 6 pounds unloaded without the magazine inserted in the receiver extension tube. This kit does not include a buttstock or pistol grip but can be easily added using parts from your own collection if needed!

And more!…
The Colt LE6920CK Upper Kit 5.56 is a perfect setup for your next range session with the family, or just some friends looking to get in on some target practice! This kit comes with everything you need to make your AR-15 rifle complete, plus it’s so easy to install that even beginners can do it! Once you’re done shooting, this kit will easily and quickly come off of your rifle without any tools required – making it the perfect go-to for all of your shooting needs!
The Colt LE6920CK Upper Kit includes a 16 M4 profile barrel with 1 in 7 twist rate, which means it will work great with most ammo types on the market today – including .223/5.56mm rounds!

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